Welcome to AmericaMobi

AmericaMobi is the most affordable Mobile website and application provider on the planet. 

  1. Website that looks Rich in smart phones and Graceful even in low end phones.
  2. No technical knowledge required., "not build yourself type stuff"
  3. Mobile hosting integrated with advanced device detection.
  4. Supports 6000 Mobile phone models and 9 Integrations.
  5. 100% compliance to W3C Mobile Web Standards.

Integrate with: 

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  1. Quick Response Code QR
  2. Multi Language Support(English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese) 
  3. Facebook®, Facebook Places®
  4. Twitter®
  5. Foursquare®
  6. Gowalla®
  7. Yelp®
  8. Google Places®, Google Calendar®, AdSense®, Google Analytics®
  9. Admob®


Come by for a visit or give us a call. A: 1542 N Avenue, IA , Marengo


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